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Glow Music finds artists who want to share their talents and passion for their crafts and community who support and appreciate the arts.

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Upcoming Event:
Concert No. 3: Songs of Our Land

Meet the Pianists!

Concert No. 2 – Breaking Barriers promotes professional pianists in Cincinnati. They are active performers regionally and nationally. These pianists advocate new music and have premiered works by composers of our time. Praised for her “exquisite playing” by CUNY’s The Brook Center, award-winning pianist Ariadne Antipa has performed around the world as a recitalist, collaborator,Continue reading “Meet the Pianists!”

Meet the Composers!

Concert No. 2 – Breaing Barriers features South Korean composers who have attended or now attending music institutes in the U.S. Here you can learn about each of the composers. Click their web portfolio link to learn more. Born in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Caroline KyungA Ahn holds degrees in composition from Yonsei University, Eastman School ofContinue reading “Meet the Composers!”

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