Launching Concert No. 2

In the summer of 2019, Concert Number One was presented at the Church of Our Savior. The concert introduced the musicians of the College-Conservatory of Music to the city audience at the beautiful Church of Our Savior. The concert created a meaningful connection between the musicians and the city audience.

Concert No. 1 Program Brochure

There has been much turmoil in our society between now and then. The pandemic has humbled us, and the Black Lives Matter movement shed light on marginalized groups and cracks in our society more than ever. In June 2021, Martha Guth, a singer, storyteller, and professor at Ithaca College, said, “As things are breaking down and being ripped off, in a good way there is more room for an identity to come in.” This resonates with the classical music industry as it tries to find a path forward amidst calls for inclusiveness in the concert hall featuring both performers and composers who are non-White.

Diverse identities have made American society, including classical music culture, richer. At music conservatories in the United States, including CCM, Korean artists have been making great contributions by learning and sharing the art form with others. As I reflected upon this, I envisioned a plan for Concert Number Two.

community and diverse identities
photo by @matheus-bertelli

In May, I plan to showcase solo piano works by Korean composers who have bridged the cultures of Korea and America. This concert will provide the composers with valuable exposure, the performers with the chance to become more integrated with the Cincinnati community, and the audience with the opportunity to be immersed in Korean-American musical culture. To make this concert happen, I am raising funds through private donors and organizations, as well as a fundraising concert in March. Proceeds will be used to rent the venue and compensate the professional musicians and a media engineer.

February 2022

Yeon-Kyung Kim, pianist
Founder of Glow Music

Concert No. 2 – Breaking Barriers

Friday, May 27, 2022
7:30 – 9 PM

Knox Church at Hyde Park
3400 Michigan Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208
* Knox Church recommends wearing masks in the building.

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