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Glow Music serves young classical musicians in Cincinnati
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Glow Music is an Ohio-registered non-profit.


Sight Unseen*^ (2022) by Haerim Seok (b.1982)
Wenxing Zeng, piano

A Lakeside (2021) by Serin Oh (b.1988)
I. The Pier               
II. The Historic Carousel 
III. The Anchored Yachts  
Hyeong Keon Kim, piano

Five Bagatelles (2010-2011) by Soh Young Choi (b.1973)
Giuliano Graniti, piano

Sending You My Good-Night Kisses*^ (2022) by Hye Jung Yoon (b.1975)
I. Merry-Go-Round        
II. Good-Night Kiss      
III. Morning Glow        
Eunhwa Lee, piano

Water; Image, Reflections, and Memories (2017) by Caroline KyungA Ahn (b.1975)
I. Image             
III. Memories        
Helena Hyesoo Kim, piano


Three Songs for Four Hands† (2019/2021) by Serin Oh
I. A Posting To You             
II. A Star That Never Wakes Up  
III. You Walked The Road With Me
Ariadne Antipa, William Perry, piano

Piano Honza Nori (2010) by Young Jo Lee (b.1943)
Lywon Yeo, piano

Voyage* (2022) by Grace Choi (b.1993)
Curtis Pavey, piano

The Wave† (2020) by Bumki Kim (b.1974)
Yaoyue Huang, piano

† U.S. premiere.
* Commissioned for Concert Number Two
^ World premiere

Learn about the Music & the Musicians

Sight Unseen (2022)
Commissioned for Concert No.2, World premiere         

Listening to the music once sung by peasant in history in concert hall nowadays will be similar experience to seeing artistic craft from few hundreds years ago in a museum. In museum, the context is pretty much ignored. However, imagine a chief of Aztec wearing a feather headdress standing on the shrine; showing his dignity and authority. So as music, the context converts the mood of the music. I was imagining the sight unseen, sound unheard and atmosphere unexperienced.

Haerim Seok

Haerim Seok (b.1982) is a composer, pianist and church musician based in Kingston, Ontario. Her works draw on resources ranging from the European classical canon to traditional Korean music and electroacoustic techniques. She holds a DMA in Composition from CCM, along with degrees from Yonsei University. Her music has been played in South Korea, Japan, Croatia, Canada and in the United States, with commissions from organizations such as the Chicago Civic Orchestra.

Pianist Dr. Wenxing Zeng received her formal education from CCM, Indiana University and Central Conservatory of Music, China. The Grammy award composer John Corigliano commented after hearing her performance of the Etude Fantasy: “Wenxing’s performance is wonderful! She puts it over with complete conviction.” 
Moreover, she has been actively engaged as a chamber musician, orchestra pianist, harpsichordist, and piano pedagogue.

Wenxing Zeng

A Lakeside (2021)
U.S. premiere  

I. The Pier
II. The Historic Carousel
III. The Anchored Yachts

“A Lakeside” for piano solo (2021) is about my memory at Ontario Beach Park, a lake in Rochester, NY. The three movements describe the sceneries of Charlotte Pier, the old carousel, and a lot of anchored yachts on the Genesee River. Specifically, the second movement includes a remix of Tchaikovsky’s piano cycle “The Seasons, Op.37a: VI. June,” which was played from the carousel.

Serin Oh

Composer Serin Oh (b.1988) holds her Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition with computer music as her cognate study at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (UC CCM) in 2021. She broadens her music from such influences as literature, painting, nature and scientific phenomenon. Serin Oh is a Research Fellow of Veritas Musicae, and is a member of New Music Society, and The Korean Society of Women Composers.

Hyeongkeon Kim

Pianist Hyeongkeon Kim, a native of Mokpo, South Korea, has performed in Europe and South Korea both as a soloist and a collaborative artist. He won many prizes at a number of competitions including Honam Art Competition and King’s Peak International Music Competition, among many. As an early graduate with honors, Kim received his Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the Chonnam National University and his master’s at UC CCM, where he is finishing his doctorate.

Five Bagatelles (2011)

Toccata No.1
Toccata No.2
Toccata No.3
Toccata No.4
Toccata No.5

Five Bagatelles for Piano (2010-2011) were composed on the basis of “turning the page” that Morton Feldman used in his music. It is the practice of composing without correction or change. More specifically, I wrote them without reference to what I had done in the previous page. I wrote down whatever was in my head at that time.

Soh Young Choi (b.1973) is a composer, theorist, and educator in South Korea. She received her master’s degree in Composition and Theory from the UC CCM in 2014, and her bachelor’s in Composition from Seoul National University in 1997. Her composition currently focuses on sacred vocal music. She actively participates in the New Hymn Festival of Composers of God as one of the members every year.

Soh Young Choi

Giuliano Graniti is an Italian pianist and teacher, currently Visiting Professor of Piano at Mercer University in Macon, GA. He has performed in Europe, Asia, and the US. His latest recording features John Adams’ Grand Pianola Music with Fabio Menchetti, Kevin Holzman, and the CCM Wind Symphony. He researches pedagogical and literature topics with focus on diversity and inclusion.

Giuliano Graniti

Sending You My Good-Night Kisses (2022)
Commissioned for Concert No.2, World premiere     

I. Merry-Go-Round
II. Good-Night Kisses
III. Morning Glow                                                                     

Loving and being loved, asking for forgiveness and forgiving, pain and sorrow, joy and hope, and longing for a better understanding of life motivated me to write music. Inspired by Lee O-Young’s book “Good-Night Kiss to My Daughter,” I described a father’s mind to his lovely daughter in music. I dedicate this to all daughters, mothers, and fathers, including my two daughters, husband, and my parents.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Hye Jung Yoon (b.1975) taught Orchestration, Music Theory, Computer Music, and Composition for several years at colleges and her works have been performed in Korea, USA, and Europe. Now residing in Cincinnati, she holds a DMA in composition from the UC CCM. Her music reflects diverse images inherent in her mind. It is made of delicate and fragile timbre or passionate sounds, which transform into sounds of hope or light.

Hye Jung Yoon

Residing in Cincinnati, pianist Eunhwa Lee indulges her musical wanderlust with an itinerary that is constantly challenging and fresh. She has been a top prizewinner of numerous competitions and appeared at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and Chicago Symphony Hall. She collaborates with various artists and her drive to support composers has led Lee to give frequent premieres of new works.

Eun Hwa Lee

Water; Image, Reflections, and Memories (2017)

I. Image
II. Reflections
III. Memories

Nature has been always endless resources for my music. Among those, tranquil, serene and subtle movement of waves is one of my favorite things to watch. Piano is a mysterious and special instrument that it can present any of these better than any other instrument I know. Each of the movement is a thorough study of one or two of these musical elements such as pitch, interval, dynamic, scale, and chords, that I tried to explore and study through the piece.

Caroline KyungA Ahn

Born in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Caroline KyungA Ahn (b.1975) holds degrees in composition from Yonsei University, Eastman School of Music, and Indiana University. Her compositions have been widely performed around the globe. Dr. Ahn currently works as an Assistant Professor and Artist in Residence at Anderson University. She has been a recipient of many commissions and awards, including Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize of IAWM, American Prize, and more.

Helena Hyesoo Kim is a Korean-Canadian Pianist who loves to connect with communities through music. She has appeared in various venues worldwide. Currently, she is serving as the Coordinator of Collaborative Piano at the University of Akron and finishing her doctoral degree at CCM where her research has focused on Soviet female composers.

Helena Hyesoo Kim

Three Songs for Four Hands (2019/2021)
U.S. premiere  

I. A Posting To You
II. A Star That Never Wakes Up
III. You Walked The Road With Me

“Three Songs” for piano four hands (2019/2021), expresses atmospheres and emotions of the poems, is basically based on the works of the Korean poets. This piece consists of three movements, and they describe emotions of friendship in the first movement, love in the second movement, and eco-friendliness in the final movement.

I. A Posting To You (19??) – Unknown*

Rather than a loved one, I want to be a true friend.
Rather than a friendly friend, I want to be true.

Even if I can’t give you any meaning,
you gave me the meaning of meeting.

Rather than a passing coincidence, I wanted to remain friends forever.
Even if you and I will have to part someday, I want to be a friend who can remain as a beautiful memory.

Like all of encounters,
I really want to meet you to keep our encounter forever.

Yeah, rather than just being me, I wanted to be us.
We love this beautiful reality.
Let’s put it aside with a heart that never changes.

I don’t like rain, but I like showers.
I don’t like humans, but I like you.

If I were a bird, I would give you the sky.
If I were a flower, I would give you a fragrance,
But I give you love because I’m only human.

* According to a Korean famous poet and Catholic nun, Claudia Hae-in Lee, it is one of the poems that are wrongly known to have been written by her.

II. How To love (1974) – Eun-gyo Kang (b.1945)

If someone wants to leave, let them go.
If someone wants to sleep, make them sleep.
And for the remaining time, be silent.

Or about flowers
or about the sky
or about the grave

Don’t rush,
be silent.

In your flesh,
Wings hardened a long time ago,
a river that doesn’t flow,
a lying and lying cloud,
stars that never wake up.

Do not dream easily
do not flow easily
do not bloom easily

look at with your eyes slightly open
when you look at someone wants to leave,
and when you look at someone wants to sleep,

the biggest sky is always
behind you.

III. Platanus (1953) – Hyun-seung Kim (1913-1975)

If someone ask do you know your dream,
Your head was already wet with the blue sky.

You don’t know how to admire
You extend the shade with what you have.

When you come from a long way,
and when you are alone and lonely
You walked the road with me.

Now, deep in your roots
I wish I could breathe my soul into you and go
Neither I nor you are a god!

One day when our toiled road comes to an end
Is there any dark soil far away that wants to welcome you?
I just want to protect you and to be your neighbor,
It would be an open path to be a beautiful star and my beloved window.

Translated by Serin Oh

Voyage (2022)
Commissioned for Concert No.2

We are always somewhere in the voyage journey. Because it is a very long journey, sometimes we are buried in a whirlwind of chaos because we do not know where we are located. The situations I drew at the time of writing this music and the current are very different, but the final destination I dream of is still stable and beautiful. In this piece, E overtone scale (natural set of tones derives from a low pitch) is describing destination I want to reach. The contrasting D overtone scale refers to various forms of confusions experienced on the way to the destination.

Composer Grace Choi (b.1993) is a composer and sound-visual artist. She is actively performing her works and works with various music organizations, and has received commissions to compose music from various projects, including NMARA International Art Exchange and MMCA. She graduated Seoul National University and UC CCM. She is currently studying for a doctorate at CCM.

Grace Choi
Curtis Pavey

Curtis Pavey is a pianist, harpsichordist, and educator who recently completed doctoral studies at CCM under Professor Emeritus James Tocco. Curtis is passionate about introducing audiences to a range of styles, composers, and to performance practice. Additionally, Curtis maintains a large private studio, teaching over thirty children and adult learners.

Piano Honza Nori (2010)

Honza means alone or single in Korean while Nori indicates playing or performance. The piece is characterized by amplified elements of Samul-Nori, an ensemble made by four Korean traditional percussions (gong, hand gong, class drum and drum), and ornaments realized by Bamboo instruments, such as Danso, Daegum -short and long flutes- and a Piri -Korean Oboe- and conceals in the abstract a Korean folk tune and dance rhythm. The work contrasts the passionate first part and the latter part that depicts the oriental meditative world. Bringing elements of traditional music from the past into the contemporary, this piece daringly colors a chord, not inherent in Korean music, through added notes, reflective sound and poly key along with a straight rhythm. It finishes with a short recollection of the first part. It was commissioned by the 7th Seoul International Piano Competition.

Composer Young Jo Lee (b.1943) studied composition in Seoul and Munich (1975) under Carl Orff and Wilhelm Killmayer, then at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago (1986) where he completed his D.M.A. and subsequently taught as a professor. In 1994, he returned to South Korea where he became a professor and the Dean of the Korean National University of Arts. In the background of Lee’s compositions, there is always the thought of how Korean music can find its place amongst world music.

Young Jo Lee

Lywon Yeo is a pianist and piano instructor. She received degrees from Yonsei University in Seoul Korea, Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany, Mozarteum Universität in Salzburg, Austria, and at CCM. She won first prize at the Propiano International Competition, Clavarte Swiss International Scholarship Competition, and second prize at the Mozarteum Concerto Competition in Austria, and the CCM Concerto Competition. She has performed in France, Switzerland, Korea, Germany and throughout the U.S.

Lywon Yeo

The Wave (2020)
               Moderato meno mosso – Tempo rubato – Maestoso
U.S. premiere  

The piece was composed with the theme of the waves of the sea. Various colors move in the calm waves and storms. But at the end, the sun rises in the morning after breaking through these huge waves and reaching the eye of the storm. The eye encountered in the wave that has turned into a huge wave gives a sheer majesty. Then the waves fall further and deeper into the abyss. I continued to imagine this while composing. In a way, wouldn’t these waves be a part of my life as long as I live?

Bumki Kim’s (b.1974) compositions won him awards from esteemed foundations such as NFAA and ARKO in Korea. Most recently, he was commissioned from France (Linea Ensemble, 2018), and Hong Kong (HKNME 2017). He is now an Associate Professor of Composition at Gyeongsang National University. Kim earned his doctoral and masters’ degree in composition at Indiana University in Bloomington and his bachelor’s degree from Seoul National University.

Yaoyue Huang is a pianist whose initiative celebrates new music and lesser performed modern works. She is a co-artistic director of “Music X Habitat X Art”— an experimental art and performance group based in Guangzhou and the United States. She was also the co-artistic director of the 2019 Clara Schumann Project in Shenzhen.

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