Online Program Book for “Songs of Our Lands”

Program Move Forward, Youth [Munnaeru Vaalibaa] * S. Jesudassan, Arr. A. Woods At Tanjon Katong [Di Tanjong Katong] *Traditional, Arr. A. Woods (b. 1996) SingBites, Op.12 ** Nicholas Ho (b. 1992) Chicken Rice The Uwu BirdThe Bus StopSingapore River Is My Lover Coming [Nim-I O-shi-neun-ji] Kyu-Hwan Kim (1925-2011) Mountain Sunset [San no eul] Pan-Gil Park (1929-1998) In Flowery CloudsContinue reading “Online Program Book for “Songs of Our Lands””

Program Note to SingBites by Nicholas Ho

I met Nicholas at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, later again at CCM in Cincinnati. He was a brilliant player – still is – and was writing his own music. Last year, I re-discovered his song set and had Janani listen to it. I thought it was beautiful, and Janani also liked it!Continue reading “Program Note to SingBites by Nicholas Ho”

What Do You Hear?

I first saw Italian Opera while I was in the Korean public education system and I did not understand any of the language coming from the singer. What I heard was a loud sound full of sorrow, maybe some regret. I did not understand the full story but I was able to grasp the scopeContinue reading “What Do You Hear?”

Breaking Barriers: Online Program Book

We thank Knox Church for offering the space. Mask is recommended but not required. Please consider donating by making a check to Glow Musicor finding us on Venmo @glowmusic. 70% of your donation today will be used toward our concerts and 30% will be sent to Direct Relief to aid Ukraine. Glow Music serves youngContinue reading “Breaking Barriers: Online Program Book”

Meet the Pianists!

Concert No. 2 – Breaking Barriers promotes professional pianists in Cincinnati. They are active performers regionally and nationally. These pianists advocate new music and have premiered works by composers of our time. Praised for her “exquisite playing” by CUNY’s The Brook Center, award-winning pianist Ariadne Antipa has performed around the world as a recitalist, collaborator,Continue reading “Meet the Pianists!”

Meet the Composers!

Concert No. 2 – Breaing Barriers features South Korean composers who have attended or now attending music institutes in the U.S. Here you can learn about each of the composers. Click their web portfolio link to learn more. Born in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Caroline KyungA Ahn holds degrees in composition from Yonsei University, Eastman School ofContinue reading “Meet the Composers!”

Launching Concert No. 2

In the summer of 2019, Concert Number One was presented at the Church of Our Savior. The concert introduced the musicians of the College-Conservatory of Music to the city audience at the beautiful Church of Our Savior. The concert created a meaningful connection between the musicians and the city audience. There has been much turmoilContinue reading “Launching Concert No. 2”

Communication Communication… Online Private Lesson

Original post: March 2021 Do you remember those times when you had a flow of students in front of your studio with their parents, those short conversations happening when they pick up their kids? Now that a lot of lessons turned online, do you still keep the notebook for students? Or, let me ask thisContinue reading “Communication Communication… Online Private Lesson”


Original Post: December 23, 2020, Updated: February, 2021 As if the generation is not sharing enough about their lives… I want to share some of my experience – how learning Hindemith indeed was for me. I sometimes see classical musicians talking about their journey with a piece of music. It often involves how glorious itContinue reading “Hindemith?!”